Friday 27 February 2015


Been on hold for quite sometimes. Rainy season has passed us with quite a lesson. It's hot as ever now. Haven't received any rain for more than 2 weeks already. The grass patches are getting yellow and brownish. Thank god for the rubber plantations that surround us, we still get to browse in the area.

There will be a huge rearrangement of things in life in the near future. I am still thiking of what to make of the latest news and how it would affect my meat goat operations. One thing I can say for sure is that, downsizing of the whole operation is inevitable. Am gonna part ways with a handful of does in order to streamline the operation with future situation.

Was thinking about setting up a dairy operation alongside my current meat goat operation. But I reassured myself that I was not really cut out for a dairy operation. I need to hire a more competent associate. Maybe two. It takes a whole lot of time and commitment to run a succesful dairy operation and I am quite comfortable with the current effort that I need to put in the meat goat operation without affecting my average numbers of dinners per week with the family, weekends at the in laws and what not in between. If I were ever to set up a dairy operation, it would take out a lot more time in my daily schedule and as one would expect, I need to compromise and sacrifie my time with the family. It's not helping either, the fact that my wife is stationed 700km away as an educator in a high school and the kids and I could only get to see her during the weekends.

Will write more about the future planning that I have when I get all the important details firmed up.

Salam hormat!!